My name is Benjamin L Eaton and this blog is one of my outlets. It's a place where I can record, document, and share my adventures, goals, dreams, accomplishments, and stories. I'm not a great writer, but I like to write. Better yet, I like to take photos and video that capture the moments of life being lived.

I am a HUSBAND to a beautiful young lady who married me back in 2005. She too has the passion for adventure, which makes it fun to do a lot of crazy things together.

I am a FATHER of two energetic boys. They both have been playing at the base of cliffs since they were born. They are no strangers to dirty faces, cuts, bruises, and goose eggs.

I am a CHRISTIAN and I live according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I've set high standards for myself with hopes that my actions and thoughts keep me worthy of living in God's kingdom one day. To name a few of these standards, I don't drink or smoke and I make it a priority to attend church every Sunday. I lived in Brazil for two years as a missionary, speaking their native language and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and his plan of salvation. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I am a ROCK CLIMBER. I focus mainly on sport and trad climbing, dappling a tiny bit in alpine and aid. I most likely will refuse your invitation to boulder outside. It doesn't "float my boat." I do own three crash pads, but I use them inside my a couch.

I am a RUNNER...sometimes. I do find solace in running. But I'm not willing to dedicate the time needed to excel in running like I do for climbing. Running is my form of bonding with my wife, cross-training, and de-stressing.

On top of this blog, I manage and write on two others: Liberty Mountain Climbing and Everything For The Outdoors. Check them out, give them both a read, and add them to your Feedly and RSS feeds.