Jan 6, 2011

Living Off the Grid

Basecamp #1: Sunny Side Parking Lot at Ross Park in Pocatello, ID

Slept here for 2 nights while we participated in the Pocatello Pump.

The boys started out the trip with the van bed as their bunk. After 2 1/2 weeks, we moved them into our tent. I got sick of waking up, putting on my coat, and walking over to the van whenever Fisher needed a drink of water or his arm tickled.

Basecamp #2: Campsite #29 at City of Rocks, ID

Our home for 2 weeks. We had the best view and the largest backyard that any neighborhood could offer.

Notice the boys bed in the van. The shade tent was our kitchen and dinning room. The the zippers on the four-man tent eventually broke so Jennilyn and I got use to mice, flys, and moths visiting/sleeping with us.

This was the only time on our trip when we washed our clothes by hand.  No neighbors to complain.

Basecamp #3: Indian Creek, UT

This was a pretty spot. But looks can be deceiving. The "grassy" stuff alround the ground were thistles. Jennilyn made that trail by putting socks on her hands and ripping out the thistle.  

Unfortunately, we only stayed here for 3 or 4 nights. No need for the rain/shade shelter; the weather was great. Notice the new six-man tent. We called it the Yurt.

Basecamp #4: Woodbury Road Crags near St George, UT

We could walk and climb at the Black and Tan Wall when the boys were napping. I took this picture from the trail that leads to Kelly's rock; only a 5 min walk.

This spot was the only spot that we could fit "The Yurt." There were bushes, and burnt joshua trees everywhere. It was the most cramped out of all the base camps.

Our home for one week. We even adopted a young lad named Sam Perkins for that week.

This place was the most primitive camping out of all the basecamps. No water. No restrooms. 

Basecamp #4: Hidden Valley Campground in Joshua Tree, CA

The boys loved this spot because of all the boulders that they could climb on. (The boulder in the front of the picture was our dish washing station.)

This was our home for one week.
(In between basecamps, we slept at the houses of friends and family in Boise, Kaysville, Logan, St George, Glenwood Springs and Upland.)


  1. Seriously, this is either the crazy coolest hippiest thing I have ever heard of, or you're down right nuts. Either way I love reading the blog posts, which is a lot to say, because I hate reading blogs in general.

  2. Amazing! I'm even more impressed with your different homesites when I think of all the people who spend their entire lives crammed into urban jungles and enduring cement views or--even worse--the suburbs, where the view is all vinyl siding as far as the eye can see.

    Location, location, location takes on a new meaning when looking over the places you've lived, eh? Nice work. You guys rock!

  3. I'm so jealous. I don't have the love of rock climbing that you do, but I really love camping.

  4. I love living vicariously! Thanks for the pictures - getting a general view of your adventure is cool!!!

  5. The yurt looks nice. Maybe I'll have to trade in our circus tent for a more practical one like the yurt.

  6. I couldn't do it but it's fun seeing how you did it!